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      AOE2 Game Version 1.4

       Version Wolo

AOE Taunts 1-999

GR Account switcher

AOK,AOC Scenario

Age of Forgotten Empire

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          AOE2 HD Edition

          Mr.J Maps

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Pass to extract = HAN

AOE2 1.4 installation guide  -

AOE2 1.4 tutorial for new stuff   -


Version Wololo is a tool to change between the following versions.

AoK:-  2.0,  2.0a,  2.0b

AoC:- 1.0,  1.0c,  1.0e,  1.1

  • Tired of only hearing always the same taunts "14" (start the game  already!)  and "7 " (aaaah!) and you want more options for communicating or having    fun  during game? Get 999 taunts from this site.

  • The GameRanger Account Switcher is a tool for the multiplayer gaming client known as GameRanger. GameRanger is great except for some odd reason it lacks one basic feature: the option to log out of a account and log into a different one. This makes it where family that share computers have to share their GameRanger account as well. With this tool, instead of opening GameRanger right away, you will open this tool and select your account from a list, it will do it's magic and launch GameRanger logged into the account of your choosing.


  • Find your favorite scenario maps in the age of king list or the conquerors  list in direct download, 2457 scenarios maps.
  • To install theses scenarios, go in your age of empires 2 installation folder (example C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/ ), and locate the "scenario" folder . Simply copy the scn or scx file in this folder.


Manual Installation Instructions

  • Make sure to have Age of Empires II: The Conquerors installed
  • Download the Manual installation
  • Unzip the file into your Age of Empires II Installation folder (typically C:\Program  Files\Microsoft  Games\Age of Empires II\)
  • Go to the /age2_x1 subfolder and run Fixaofe.exe
  • Run age2_x2.exe to play!


Download gameranger here


  • Download more scenario maps here with full details 1770 Files, for more information click on link.

Download Steam for HD Edition
Download AOE2 HD Edition

GR MAP CREATOR Official webpage.check it for new maps


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