Myrmidons Clan     

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Clan members must use |M¥R|  tag on Gameranger, Gamespy, Voobly & this Website. 

1.Clan Members do not kill each other in the Wilderness.

As a Clan we stick TOGETHER we do not care what differences you and a member have between each other. The true enemies are OUTSIDE of the Clan, not within. So use your logic, we can not fight others while we are fighting each other.

2. Multiple Clans
As long as you are a part of this clan you are not permitted to join another clan.
In the case it comes to our attention you are in violation, there is a possibility you will be immediately expelled. Joining and leaving clan has  to be reported to Clan Leader/Sub-Leader . 

3. Behaviour
Be respectful towards your fellow gamers.
Also the young/new ones, we too were one day new to gaming and had to learn the ropes. Offensive, hurfull and discriminating content of any kind will not be tolerated. Be patient, helful and objective.
Ofcourse swearing is allowed as long as it is within sensible limits.  

4.Clan Members do not lie about issues in the Clan chat.

Not all people get along all the time as we all fight sooner or later. Unfortunatley, this can escalate and cause things to be said or done over something trivial. If you find yourself in the wrong, then step up to clean your slate, do not lie about it.

Being honest with us is a sign of Respect, even if you are in the wrong. Do remember that and we always take Honesty into Consideration.

5.Clan Members do not lie about absente's for events.

We all have commitments that can limit our time toward events and the Clan itself. These are understandable, just make sure to let us know before hand. Lying shows that you are not fit for the commitment of a Clan and it is best you leave.

A Clan event is nothing without anyone attending.

6.Higher rankers are never to abuse powers.

What needs to be remembered is that even though you may be of high rank, you were once a recruit like everyone else. You have been entrusted with power to uphold the Clan rules, to keep peace in the Clan chat, and to make time in the Clan enjoyable for others. not to be bias and mistreat Clan Members.

Abusing such power is extremely disrespectful of all Clan Members, especially the one's who decided on your promotion.

7. Cheating
It is not allowed to, in any way or form, use cheats. The games you play are meant to be played as is.In the case it comes to our attention you are in violation, there is a possibility you will be immediately expelled.Never accuse someone of cheating unless you have definitve proof. Take these to the clan Leader.Your account is always your responsibility, if someone else is cheating on your account you still risk expulsion from the clan.

Inform Leader/Sub Leader if you think you will be inactive for a longer time. If you do not show any signs of life for a month you will be kicked.

9. Humiliating and Fighting
There Will Be No Tolerance Of Posting Anything On These Three Subjects:  Religion, Politics or Racial Comments .This is a rule that will be strictly enforced and punishment will be brisk if it is broken.

You are responsible for your account information at all times. This includes your FB accounts,game accounts any other information as it pertains to you. You will be held accountable for any actions with your accounts regardless if it was you or not. Please secure your accounts and passwords at all times and never let anyone else use your accounts. 

                        And the last and Final Rule which is the most important,
Have fun, we all play Online Games for a reason, especially with clan members and friends because we enjoy it.